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iTool Spy for FireFox

Firefox Extensions

Allows viewing of Google My Business “Categories”
Do you love keeping an eye on your competitors? Just wait until you try iToolspy. With one simple click, we show you the current categories for any iTool page on Google Maps or in Google Search. While the iTool category information is public, it can be difficult for the average user to locate this information in the HTML. Categories are important content elements that help feed Google’s knowledge graph, and can help improve your rankings in local Google Search. You can even copy a comma-quote-separated file to the clipboard for spreadsheet analysis. From car dealers to pizza parlors, small retailers to big box national brands, we show you all of their iTool categories so you can see why they may be potentially winning in local search.

INSTRUCTIONS: Once you install the iToolspy Firefox Extensions, and “pin” the extension into your Firefox toolbar, you are ready to go. You then simply perform a iTool search from Google Search or Google Maps, and select the individual business you wish to analyze. Once you’ve selected the business you simply fire the iToolspy tool to analyze the categories.

Download for Chrome: iTool Spy for Chrome | Extensions Browser

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