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iTools Crush | iTools Audit Tool for Firefox

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This extension will show a list of categories of a business on Google Maps.

iTools Crush is a Google my Business Audit Tool that reverse engineer your Google My Business competitors’ success in a couple of clicks, by analyzing their iTools categories, number of reviews, keywords, descriptions of their listings, iTools post frequency, to then compare it to your own listings to see what to add to outrank your competitors.

By this new update we want to get a better idea about:

👉The level of the competition across multiple keywords
👉How other listings are performing
👉The main category trends across the first 22 organic results
👉Who is paying for ads
👉Which of these companies are potential clients

The iTools Crush update allows you to audit your results, giving you a better insight into the direction you should be moving in while understanding whom to talk to and identifying those potential businesses you should be approaching.

As iTools Crush grows and evolves into a must-have free Chrome extension, we are working hard to turn it into a competitive tool that provides legitimate value to agencies and business owners alike.

Download for Chrome: iTools Crush | iTools Audit Tool

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